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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

dollar tree reading

emily and i were at the dollar tree yesterday (which is, by the way, totally underrated) and i was perusing their book section and came across some of the most hilariously/absurd book titles. I thought i might share a few of them with you....

Savage Trust

The Cobra and the Concubine

The Barbarian ( the cover of this one was a fabio-esque looking guy riding a white stallion through the country side)

Unearthed-Zap! and Tess was gone

Desperate Tigress

Cornered Tigress (i think these were part of a series)

and my very favorite........Truly, Madly, Viking

i'm including the synopsis of Truly, Madly, Viking cause, well you'll see:

His boat off-course, distracted by a randy she-whale whose infatuation had somehow thrust him into the twenty-first century, Jorund Ericsson had cause to question his surroundings. And though the befuddled Viking thought he'd found heaven when he caught sight of the comely wench with the man-hair and the kiss-some lips, the lovely doctor simply thought him crazy. And Jorund realized the only thing that had driven him to the edge was her enticing figure.

He skyrocketed from the water and into Maggie's life: all sinewy muscles in a flawlessly proportioned body, a swath of long blond hair swept back from his brow. His claim to be a Viking from the tenth century made her smile. But it wasnt laughter that caused her stomach to flutter when the Hercules look-alike claimed her lips. And soon he had her believing his story, though questioning her own sanity. Then the psychologist realized there was another possibility: Neither of them was truly mad of they were truly, madly in love.

classic literature right?


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  1. hahaha! truly, madly, viking?? that is the best book title everrr.


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