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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Ah subconscious, sometimes you creep me out

To begin this strange tale my subconscious concocted, let me make it known that I hardly ever remember any of my dreams. ANY.

I had a favorite muskrat that lived beside our creek. He was the third child of the muskrat family, approximately fifteen pounds, liked to be carried like a baby, was named something like D.B. or Deedee, and was owned by a very famous singer named Peter. But, his mother ate our dog. So, my family was bitter and didn't want me to keep baby muskrat, so I started emailing Peter talking about how awesome sauce his rodent-like creatures were. About this time, my dad has a fit about how he doesn't understand why Peter would ever want to email me and this and that. End part one of dream.

Soon after this, (while still talking to Peter via email), we went to camp, which instead of being on the lake, was on a stone boat. Sort of awesome, right? Katie and I were staying below deck, and our counselor was super excited that we were there, but wouldn't tell us who was staying in our cabin, which we found super annoying. Then I saw some of my friends, but my one friend looked like he had a few years ago and it creeped me out. Then I got an email from Peter and the dream sort of ended. Then I awoke, wondering why I dreamed of muskrats eating my dog.

Anyway, Emily and I have only one week of co-op left! Yay! We are both super ecstatic. Here's a picture that make me laugh. We look super fly in our hats. Hah!

 - Abigail

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