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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

You Are What You Eat

I saw The Value of a Dollar Project by Jonathan Blaustein on DesignCrush and I think it's quite clever.

You could eat this for a $1:

 Or you could eat this:

 You could eat this for $1:

 Or this:

And we wonder why people don't eat healthy foods. Hmm maybe because it's about 10x more expensive to eat good, nutritious foods. That makes me mad. Why are greasy, fattening foods marketed so heavily (no pun intended) and so cheap while the beneficial foods aren't? I watched Food Inc recently and it opened my eyes to where our food comes from. I would highly recommend it. Just don't plan on watching it while you eat fast food.



  1. On the bright side, there are ways to eat healthy and less expensive at the same time: garden, Aldi's, shop the loss leader sales...

    And while healthy foods may be more expensive in some instances, they save you $$$ in doctor bills because all the other junk just makes you sick.

    As for the marketing campaigns, it's pretty awful that junk foods are pushed so hard and then the drugs and treatments to combat their effects are pushed just as hard. Isn't that just like the world, though?

  2. Good points!

    Even though our culture has terrible eating habits, at least we're are able to get healthy foods. The choice is ours.


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