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Monday, September 21, 2009

a dying breed

my friend rebecca and i were talking the other day about how gentlemen are a dying breed and how we, as ladies, are very sorry to see them go. since said conversation, i've been observing guys around me, and have been happily surprised that there are still some chivalrous men out there!

it also occurred to me that, while elated by my findings of gentlemen, they were relatively few and far between.

now i know that my findings are far from conclusive, but this is just the way it appears to me.

and as a women i am telling all you guys out there, girls really like it when you act like a gentlemen. my opinion of a guy skyrockets when i see him being thoughtful and courteous (even when the courteousness is not directed at me).

so this is my list of chivalrous behavior:

1. open doors for people.

2. if you're getting up to get something (say at the dinner table) ask the people around you if they would like anything too. *

3. it's nice to offer the girl the front seat of the car (note: this only applies when there are more than 2 people in the car & you are not driving)

4. offer to drive (if the girl wants to drive, let her, but i would much rather ride then drive)

5. genuinely listen to people, even if you're not interested in what they're saying, there is nothing more tacky than when a person makes it known that they do not want to be involved in a conversation. (side note: this to me is an extremely attractive quality, especially when they are genuinely interested in what others say)*

6. help out; i was at a lunch for a school organization and it was so refreshing when one of the guys there simply started to help clean up.*

7. give up your seat for ladies (eg. on the subway/train/public transportation) *(this applies to girls too if the person is older, pregnant or has young children).

8. In general follow the golden rule.*

* means this rule applies to ladies too.

so this is my soap box speech for tonight.


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