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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Apologies, accidents, and appreciation

I'd like to start by apolgizing about the lack of a cupcake post this past week.
I did make cupcakes, and they were delicious (my mom's favorite so far).
I've just been lazy, and haven't felt like writing about them (but if you ever make "plain vanilla" cupcakes, add coarse salt).

I'm sitting here in the library at school, during my enormus (3 hour) break between classes, taking a break from school work.

I don't really know what to write about... we had a beautiful snow this past weekend (as did most of the south), I however didn't get to enjoy too very much of it...

You see, I'm a relativly clumsy person by nature, but this year I was sure I would aviod injuring myself with the help of my super-grippy rain boots and, because, well, I'm 20 years old, surely I can enjoy some snow play without seriously injuring or maiming myself.

Then I went sledding.

In a misguided attempt to "seize the day" I hopped on the fastest sled avaiable and set off down a hill... through the woods... that ended in a creek.

Not surprisingly I hit a (very solid) tree, foot-first (I think I was trying to shield the rest of my body?).

Which is why I've had to spend the last few days hobbling about or propping my nicely bruised foot up, until yesterday when I emerged for an earth history test.

While none of this experience has been particularly fun, it has made me appreciate how much of a blessing being able to walk is. And how marvelous it is that we can twist, sprain, break, lacerate, or mangle oursleves up and our bodies can heal themselves! How amazing is God that he made our bodies little hospitals for mending our cuts and bruses?
Just some thoughts.


P.S. I will put pictures of the cupcakes up (although it may be with this weeks cupcake post).

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