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Monday, August 16, 2010

House and goldfishes

I was watching a House marathon last night on oxygen, because I think House is about the awesome-est thing on television.

And it dawned on me, after watching about my third episode of House, that oxygen must be the channel lonely single people watch. I came to this conclusion after seeing multiple commercials for about four different online dating sites.

"Ha Ha" I thought "I am so glad I'm not one of said lonely single people who sit in front of the TV all day".

Then it dawned on me that I am single, I am sitting alone in my living room eating goldfish, and I have sat in front of the TV for a pretty long time watching the oxygen channel.

Which is why I'm not at all sad school is starting soon.


(please don't feel like I am dissing any person who watches oxygen or has used an online dating site, I'm simply sharing my semi-humorous thoughts from pretty late at night)

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  1. I love House! I have such a crush on Hugh Laurie. (I know, he's old enough to be my dad.) You know, Bravo has started doing House marathons too! It's very exciting.


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